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This was the main the reason pay-to-IP was removed in the first place, which was a superior way of doing this.Proposed change should be max 10 lines of code addition to Bitcoin Core.

Setting up a secure web server to add the possibility to response some static infos sounds more easy then changing things in the core of bitcoin.To me it does not make sense like in the case of browser user-agent, but maybe I am missing something.

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This step by step tutorial shows how to do it using the free.

If you want to support our project you can donate any amount to our Bitcoin address (you can find the address at the end of the page).

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BitMate Author Donations is a very simple plugin that displays.

Use the wizard to quickly create a coin widget button for your site right now. is the first bitcoin crowdfunding website for charity in Europe.

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We helped inform our members about this unique project through our blog and we experimented with accepting Bitcoin donations.Posting Reddit thread to show there is really a demand for this feature. – Raindrops coin

I want to make a payment or donation on a want to create a Bitcoin wallet with a permanent address for receiving donations.

No need to use addresses for this, could just do a payment request over the p2p interface.That might make sense, if Bitcoin Core supported stealth addresses at all, or if there was at least a BIP standard for them.Donate bitcoin to the address above (This is a donation address) Note: The figures above will only update every 15 minutes as part of our DDoS protection.

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Add possibility to change an User Agent via an option in the Config File.If you do that, you could just as well share a tipping address along with the host identity.

Our nonprofit tools enable organizations to accept bitcoin contributions from.Some people may find it more convenient to donate via Bitcoin instead of PayPal.Donate bitcoin to your favorite charity with just a few clicks.If you like this widget, you can help out just by liking, tweeting, recommending or just simply tell someone about it.So basically you are saying that everyone who mines and sends his payouts to the same Bitcoin addresses (60% of the miners and thus mined bitcoins) is hurting the privacy of everyone.I think you completely forgot about the fact that the user who sets up the address using this method is OK with deanonymizing transactions on this address. is a community funded project, donations are appreciated and used to improve the website.

To make an anonymous donation send your Bitcoin donation to the following Bitcoin wallet address:. to accept Bitcoin Donations, Bitcoin transactions are.

It will also incentivize spidering to collect this identifying information, in addition to the the above concerns about incentivizing additional sibyl nodes.The Bitcoin address for donations to support MultiMarkdown is.

In the case of miners, it is much better, because of the coinbase transactions (no previous outputs used as inputs).We help non-profits discover digital currency and use it to fund their work.Since Bitcoin Core does not support stealth addresses, another wallet would have to be used for collecting and handling the coins.Which is to say, development efforts should protect people from having their node associated with any particular address (loosely expressed, the deanonymization concern).Any donation over 2.014 ethers will trigger the creation of a brand new unicorn that will be automatically sent to the donation address. Bitcoin donations are.If you would like to help support the development of CoinWidget you can donate using the buttons below.

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The nonprofit whistle blower site, which to a large extent relies on donations,.It sounds as though these ideas have been discussed before and were not well accepted by the developer community.Wondering how you can add a Bitcoin donate button in WordPress. | Give to Mozilla Today

Add any of these options to the launcher code to customize this widget.How to Add a Bitcoin Donate Button to Your WordPress Site. enter a e-mail address to be notified every time a donation is.